Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cake Patterns Hummingbird Skirt

I finally finished my Cake Patterns Hummingbird Skirt! In April. But now it needs to be altered. So that means it's not finished, right? Ah, whatever.

I made a muslin of the orange view based on my measurements, and it came out a few inches too big around the waist. It was really easy to take in though, so I took it in and decided my muslin was good to go and made the necessary alterations to my traced pattern.

I sewed up the skirt in olive green twill that I bought online from Mood Fabrics over a year ago, and used a quilting cotton from JoAnn Fabrics for the pocket bags. I also made bias tape out of the quilting cotton to finish the seams. I love the way the floral print looks when it's folded into bias tape!

 I'm pretty happy with how the inside of the skirt looks.

 The inside front edges of the pockets aren't perfectly symmetrical.

I am very happy with that invisible zipper, though!


I sewed the buttonhole in the wrong direction! Good grief! Also, I marked it and lined it up and I still sewed it too high on the waistband.

That's two individual lines of stitching done without a twin needle. Not too bad.

My edgestitching could use a little improvement, but overall not too bad.

So what is the problem with this skirt? It fits great right out of the dryer, but then it starts to sag. And sag. And with a cell phone in my pocket I run the risk of it ending up around my ankles. No thanks. The thing is, I really hate when skirts and pants pinch me too tightly at the waist, adding curves where I don't really want them. I tried to make it fit closely, but not tightly. Maybe my fabric has a little bit of stretch and that's where my fit went wrong, or maybe I just made it a little too loose in my effort to not pinch my belly. My plan is to unpick the waistband, take in the side seams a little bit (haven't measured yet), make a new, smaller, and maybe deeper waistband and add interfacing. I will then attempt to make the buttonhole in the *correct* direction. Hopefully I can do this one evening next week. We'll see.

Overall, I'm psyched about this skirt. I love it and think I can fix the fit. Once I do I hope to make it in some other fabrics (like denim). No more searching for the perfect denim mini-skirt! I prefer mine without artificial wear and tear, thanks.

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