Saturday, July 23, 2016

Seafoam Moneta

I just turned another UFO into a WIP into a FO. It feels good to do that. I need to work some of that magic on my dissertation.

I started this dress last summer and finished it two nights ago. I don't really remember much of the planning, which is what tends to happen when you have super long-term WIPs like I do. If I don't finish a garment before the wearing season ends, into the fabric cabinet it goes. What's the point of finishing it if I can't wear it right away?

The pattern is Moneta by Colette Patterns. I purchased it in a bundle with Mabel and The Colette Guide to Sewing Knits when they were first released, but I wasn't really convinced that Moneta would be a good pattern for me. I thought the shirred skirt might draw attention to my waist, a part of my body I'd like to minimize, and I wasn't that excited by the shallow neckline. I'm glad I gave it a try though, because I am very happy with the results!

I am pretty sure I've never looked like I have an hourglass figure before Moneta. Thanks, Moneta! That's fun and different for me.

I cut a large and only made one alteration, my usual 2" sway back adjustment. It’s strange that I didn’t do a cheater FBA for this dress. I can’t remember why I made that decision. If I were to start over, I’d cut a medium above the bust, cheat to a large or maybe between large and XL at the bust line, and to a large throughout the rest of the bodice.


The main fabric is cotton/lycra stretch jersey and the lining is a mystery knit from my stash. I may or may not have done a burn test before I cut it, but I don't remember the results. It's very light and stretchy, completely different from the stable seafoam knit, so I'm glad they worked well together.

The waistline is decorated with with triangle mother-of-pearl beads that I bought at New Smyrna Beads Etc. while on a short vacation with my mom in New Smyrna Beach, FL. I selected these and a few other strings of natural beads with the intention of sewing them onto garments, but without designs yet in mind. I couldn't be happier with the result!

The drag lines across the bust suggest that I need a little bit more ease there, but it was totally comfortable to wear. The upper bust is a little too big and has some gaping at the armscye, which I noticed during wear. I will try to fix that next time I sew this pattern.

This is the shot I took for instagram, and it's my favorite. I never thought I would say that about a mirror selfie.

The drag lines across the lower back also suggest that I need more ease, but again, it was very comfortable to wear. It also looks like I need to shorten the back bodice.

I often find that I can look in the mirror and be very happy with the fit of a garment, and then look at my photographs and suddenly think everything is terrible. Maybe the photos are more honest than the mirror. Or maybe my self-critical eye goes into overdrive when looking at photos. I'm trying to get better assessments of the fit of my garments AND quiet my self-criticism but putting some effort into taking better photos. This was my first session with a remote. It's a new learning curve for sure! The light in my apartment isn't great, but I'm not ready to take this show out into the yard yet.

I love when Lilly joins me in the photos.

I leave you with an awkward series in which I attempt to get photos of myself twirling. LOL.